my green earth

What does it mean to be a Sustainable Community? In order to achieve our mission of providing sustainable living choices for our community, we have defined our vision for a Sustainable Community. Our approach includes four strategies to achieving this mission: Partnerships, Event Immersion, Awareness, and Community Engagement.

We envision a sustainible community that has:

Empowered People: People feel empowered and energized in making sustainable choices.

Available Infrastructure: Sustainable living choices are possible through the availability of infrastructure and services.

Environmental Values: Environmental impact is prioritized in decision-making by companies, governments and individuals.

Ethos of Sustainability: Sustainable habits are the societal norm. Actions that harm the planet are frowned upon, inconvenient, unavailable, or costly.

Environmental Equity: Sustainable solutions are accessible to everyone in our community.

Here's how we will accomplish our mission:

Partnerships: Partner with local mission-aligned companies to establish and communicate sustainable living opportunities.

Event Immersion: Leverage local entertainment, sporting and cultural venues to support sustainable habits.

Awareness: Empower the community with the knowledge of how to make an impact and the magnitude of individual action.

Community Engagement: Engage with community to generate excitement toward the mission, establish inclusive organizational culture, and provide opportunities to make collective impact.