Cobb County Recycling Directory

Do you ever find yourself lost and confused about how to dispose of waste responsibly in Cobb? Use our Local Recycling Directory to learn about all of the local recycling resources!

Cobb County Recycling Directory

Glass Recycling

Ripple Glass has a growing number of free dropoff bins in Cobb County and beyond. You can search for the nearest bin at

Cheers to Recycling offers residential curbside glass pickup service for a nominal monthly fee. Visit their website at

Cobb County Recycling Resources


Books for Africa Give your gently used books a second life!

Big Box Store Recycling Option


All Publix stores collect plastic bags, styrofoam, and paper. Visit their website at for more details.

Home Depot

Most Home Depot stores offer a variety of recycling options, to include rechargable batteries, compact fluorescent bulbs, and plastic shopping bags. Check with your local store for details.


Target stores have recycling collection bins but have been caught on a number of occassions sending the collected items to the landfill. For now, we recommend using alternative options.

There are many more recycling resources in Cobb, and we are working feverishly to complete this list. Check back soon for more recycling resources in your area!